Workplace Flu Vaccinations Melbourne

Important of Workplace Flu Vaccinations

BizHealth provides workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne to a range of businesses, corporations and organisations. Operated by leading industry experts, we have worked with many well-known companies such as Bunnings, Honda and BlueScope, creating healthier environments for their employees.

It’s important to understand that onsite flu vaccinations help reduce sick leave, create a healthier workforce, maintain productivity and keep your business operating efficiently. These programs also show your employees that you care about their health and well-being.

Nurse giving a flu vaccine in Melbourne workplace

5 Benefits of Company Flu Vaccinations

In Melbourne, company flu vaccinations are a cost-effective strategy that helps to maintain your company’s productivity whilst optimising the health and well-being of your workforce. The Department of Health encourages all workplaces to take influenza seriously and offer free workplace vaccinations to staff.

Here are five key benefits of incorporating a flu vaccination program in your organisation.

  1. Reduced Absenteeism: The healthier your workforce, the less absenteeism is due to illness. Since the flu can last for at least a week, corporate flu vaccinations significantly reduce potential sick leave every year.
  2. Happier Employees: Increased absenteeism due to the flu often means that healthy employees need to work longer hours, take on extra shifts or cover additional areas. However, initiating a company flu vaccination program minimises the additional work required to cover these absences.
  3. Increased Safety: People with the flu often have difficulty concentrating, which can be extremely problematic in some work environments, leading to increased accidents and injuries. Workplace flu shots, however, significantly reduce the number of employees who catch the flu, maintaining workplace safety.
  4. Less Downtime: Healthy employees are less likely to become ill and take medical leave, resulting in less downtime due to sickness. Less downtime means fewer disruptions to your operations, and business continues as usual.
  5. Excellent ROI: A workplace flu vaccination program reduces absenteeism, maintains productivity, and leads to happier and healthier employees. It’s a highly cost-effective strategy with a strong ROI.

Why Should You Provide Corporate Flu Vaccinations For Your Employees?

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t offer corporate flu vaccinations to their employees, resulting in millions of dollars in lost productivity. That’s because an increase in sick leave disrupts the smooth operation of your business, requiring you to either find temporary staff to cover these absences or increase the workload of existing staff.

The ripple effect of increased sick leave and the need to work additional hours often leads to reduced morale amongst healthy staff, which can ultimately affect your bottom line. Incorporating an onsite flu vaccination program, however, results in fewer flu outbreaks in the workplace, less sick leave and happier employees. A happy and healthy workforce keeps your business operating smoothly, boosts employee morale and reinforces your reputation as a caring employer.

In short, corporate flu vaccinations provide the following benefits to employers and employees:

  • Reduces sick leave.
  • Boosts morale.
  • Builds trust.
  • Promotes a healthy work culture.
  • Enhance employer’s reputation.
  • Maintains business continuity, operations and productivity.

How Does an Onsite Flu Vaccination Program Work?

The more employees that can benefit from your onsite flu vaccination program, the better the results. So, it’s important that you nominate a vaccination coordinator who can contact us to discuss your requirements. We’ll need to discuss times and schedules for these vaccinations, as well as a temporary clinic space.

You might also want to schedule multiple clinics on the same day to accommodate shift workers, as well as multiple clinics at different locations if your employees are spread across other sites in Melbourne. You might also consider extending the offer of workplace flu shots to your employees’ families, as this helps reduce the potential for an outbreak in the immediate community.

Our BizHealth coordinator can provide you with a selection of promotional materials you can display in communal and high-traffic areas. This material provides the dates, times and locations where employees can get a vaccination. It also explains the benefits of workplace flu shots and how to make an appointment.

Why Choose BizHealth?

BizHealth has been a leading health and wellness provider to businesses, corporations and organisations since 2002. We provide a range of health initiatives for your employees, from workplace flu vaccinations to bone density scans, wellness workshops, lifestyle health appraisals and much more. We are committed to supporting your organisation by creating a healthy work environment and a happy and resilient workforce.

  • Leading provider of onsite corporate health and wellness programs.
  • Dedicated to enhancing employee health and well-being.
  • Managed by industry experts.
  • Highly trained and experienced coordinators and clinic staff.
  • Customised healthcare solutions tailored to your budget.
  • Flexible schedules to suit your operational requirements.

For more information on workplace flu vaccinations for your organisation in Sydney and Melbourne, make an enquiry or call BizHealth on 03 9867 5003. We look forward to hearing from you!