About Us

About Us

Who we are:

BizHealth was launched in the year 2002 and is a leading corporate health and wellness provider in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to supporting businesses by helping create a healthy work environment for employees in order to increase productivity and engagement whilst enjoying healthier and happier lives.

What we do:

BizHealth focuses on providing our business customers with best value, extraordinary service and tailored health solutions that are both deep and wide in order to address the long term strategic plan for each organisation. We work with businesses and individuals in a professional and meaningful way to help create a healthy tomorrow through our services. In doing so, the organisation gleans a strong ROI whilst simultaneously enhancing the lives of the organisation’s most valuable assets, “the employees”.

With a special emphasis on great service and value, we have built our reputation on providing a full range of tailored health care solutions for businesses through:

Why BizHealth

At BizHealth, we believe that the performance of any business relies strongly on the performance of its employees; healthy employees means a more productive workforce and a healthy image conveyed to your customers. We are managed and operated by industry experts. All of our health professionals have extensive experience in the field of preventative health care.​

On-site inspections means we come to you!

Leading industry experts and professionals

Qualified professionals

We cater to all level employees

Available for Businesses in Australia & New Zealand

Tailored solutions to suit various client budgets

Professional & friendly staff

Customer focused

Flexibility to work around employer needs

Join the ranks of successful businesses that work with us, and watch your productivity grow!
Our mission

“To provide superior, professional and quality healthcare services that support businesses in increasing employee engagement and productivity whilst creating a healthy work environment.”

Our vision

“Our Vision is to become the most valued & respected healthcare partner for businesses by bringing together the right set of skills, experience and personality. We are passionate about helping people enjoy healthier and productive lives.”