What are On-site Workplace Flu Vaccinations:

As part of our health program, BizHealth provide on-site workplace flu vaccinations to employees across Australia.

We also provide our employee flu vaccinations in New Zealand.

In Australia, there is an average of 85 deaths and over 4,000 hospitalisations recorded due to influenza illness each year.

At BizHealth, we provide flu vaccinations to employees as part of our health program.

Influenza (the flu) is an acute viral illness, costing Australian businesses millions of dollars every year in absenteeism and sick leave. Initially affecting around 20% of staff, influenza’s highly contagious nature means it spreads rapidly. It also takes an average of two weeks to recover from, creating extreme productivity losses in the workplace. 

Calling a professional corporate health provider like BizHealth can help you avoid this harm to your business. 

Immunisation is the single most effective action of preventing the spread of the flu in your workplace, with scientific research showing the flu vaccination reduces the risk by 70-90% in healthy people. This translates to a 43% reduction in absenteeism or 74 fewer lost days per 100 employees. 


Two strains changed for Southern Hemisphere 2021 flu vaccine.

AIVC recommendations for the composition of influenza vaccine for Australia in 2021:

The Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee (AIVC) met on Wednesday 7th October 2020, to recommend the composition of the influenza virus vaccines for 2021. At this meeting, the expert committee reviewed and evaluated data related to epidemiology, antigenic and genetic characteristics of recent influenza isolates circulating in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, serological responses to the 2019-2020 vaccines, and the availability of candidate vaccines viruses and reagents.

The committee recommended that the following viruses be included in quadrivalent influenza vaccines for the 2021 Southern Hemisphere influenza season:

Egg-based quadrivalent influenza vaccines:

  • an A/Victoria/2570/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus;

  • an A/Hong Kong/2671/2019 (H3N2)-like virus;

  • a B/Washington/02/2019-like (B/Victoria lineage) virus; and

  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like (B/Yamagata lineage) virus.

Cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccines:

  • an A/Wisconsin/588/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus;

  • an A/Hong Kong/45/2019 (H3N2)-like virus;

  • a B/Washington/02/2019 (B/Victoria lineage)-like virus; and

  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013 (B/Yamagata lineage)-like virus.

Other ingredients:

- Sodium chloride

- Dibasic sodium phosphate

- Monobasic sodium phosphate

- Potassium chloride

- Monobasic potassium phosphate

- Calcium chloride dihydrate

- Water for injections

For full information on the influenza strains for 2021 visit 

On-site Flu Vaccination Benefits:

• Reduce the chances of infection and cross-infection from co-workers.
• Reduce absenteeism.
• Avoid unnecessary productivity loss.
• Because the influenza virus always mutates.
• Commit to the wellbeing of your individual workers.
• Create a healthy and supportive workplace.
• The risk of complications from flu is higher if you suffer from a chronic illness.


The risk of complications from flu is higher if you suffer from a chronic condition such as:

• Cardiac disease
• Diabetes
• Respiratory Disease
• Chronic Kidney Disease
• Impaired Immunity
• A chronic Neurological Disorder
• Down Syndrome
• Obesity


*Immunisation is encouraged every 12 months. As influenza viruses change frequently, the vaccination is updated every year to cover common circulating strains*

**Onsite staff flu vaccination services are available from mid-March 2021 – reduce the spread of the flu before the winter peak season**

BizHealth have an easy-to-use online booking system available with automatic email reminders. We also offer health seminars, which involve educating attendees about the importance of flu immunisation


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What You Need to Know About Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccine can not be used against the common cold.

A cold or the flu are caused by different viruses and the vaccine provided against the flu can not be used against cold. Learn more here.

The influenza vaccination provided is designed to fight the strains of influenza circulating in the current year, and it’s not designed to fight the avian influenza ( also known as bird flu).

Fact: The Flu vaccine Contains the Flu virus

Flu vaccinations doesn’t contain any live virus, it is a mixture of protein and previous strains of influenza that are design to fight the dominant strain of influenza during each year recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee (AIVC) take in this recommendation and choose whether to implement or ignore these Vaccines to Australian residents.

Myth: Influenza Is Not that serious!

The flu virus is a highly contagious virus and it can be life threatening in some cases – it can cause an estimate of 1,500 deaths, 118,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations annually in Australia. Although, many cases are deemed as non-threatening it is highly advised that an individual would seek medical advice in case of a more infectious virus strain.


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