What are On-site Employee Skin Checks:

All it takes is 10 minutes and it could save a life. Our team of physicians and general practitioners are experienced in skin cancer assessments and will visit your team on-site. During the consultation, our team of general practitioners will offer an individual check to each staff member whilst providing helpful information and warning signs on the detection and monitoring of skin cancer development.

Skin Check Benefits:

Early detection of possible skin related issues
• Examinaton of skin

• Understanding personal risk factors for skin cancer 
• Specialist referrals
• Skin cancer prevention information
• Checks are completely confidential 
• Healthier workforce

Skin Check Sessions include:

Private and confidential consultation & questionnaire with the physician
• Informative discussion of skin cancer awareness and risk
• Information on any 'questionable' spots
• Individual reports and results
• Aim: Find, identify & monitor skin growths
• Pocket sized tool key ring
• Individual self assessment tools.

Site Promotion Plan: 

BizHealth will work with management to coordinate the most suitable way to run the Skin Checks at each of your sites. BizHealth will provide a bookings coordinator who will provide all sites with poster, flyers, booking sheets and other material to help run and manage the program effectively.


Let us customise this service to suit your business needs and budgets!

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