Session Overview

Ergonomics is recognised as one of the most important factors in the workplace health and safety environment today. Poor posture is the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal disorders treated on a daily basis. If staff are sitting at a workstation, it is essential that it be adjusted to fit them individually. A worker required to work in a poorly designed workspace is destined for injury. 

Each 10-15 minute session includes a consultation followed by a detailed report including work station summary along with an end to end program management report. All assessments are carried out in accordance with the relevant industry codes of practice and Australian standards and ergonomic principles.


Some Areas that will be covered include:

Detailed assessment and report on workstation
• Guidance on how to maintain proper posture 
• Discussing stress reduction and relaxation techniques which work for individuals




Benefits of Session:

• Expert advice and guidance with on the spot changes and modifications to the work-station set up; including chair height and computer screen height optimisation
• Reduces Stress by planning and setting realistic expectations for accomplishments
• Building better health 
• Reduces absenteeism 
• Increases productivity
• Reduces work related injuries 
• Increase in Performance

Site Promotion Plan: 

BizHealth will work with management to coordinate the most suitable way to run the sessions at your sites. BizHealth will provide a bookings coordinator who will provide all sites with posters, flyers, booking sheets and other material to help run and manage the program effectively.

Let us customise this service to suit your business needs and budgets!

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