Session Overview

The aim of the Executive Health Appraisal (EHA) is to identify any potential health & medical issues and provide the appropriate recommendations and referrals to ensure your executives stay in tip top shape.

In summary, the Executive Health Appraisal includes:

Review of 5-page Personal Medical Questionnaire and family medical history
• Discussion of current lifestyle habits such as exercise, sleep patterns, alcohol consumption and smoking

• Review of activity and exercise regime
• Discussion of psychological stress & profile

• Full Head-to-Toe examination
• Review of pre-arranged pathology results including lipid profile, kidney and liver function, red & white cell counts, blood glucose, urine screen and PSA (where applicable)
• Body Composition measures (% body fat, body mass index, waist/hip ratio)
• Lung Function

• Lower back risk based on flexibility and abdominal strength
• Aerobic fitness assessment
• Resting & Stress ECG
• Cardiac 'risk' analysis
• 5 day food dairy and recommendations
• Individual confidential report with GP/Exercise Physiologist recommendations

Benefits of Session:

• Expert advice and guidance
• Positive outlook towards life 
• Building better health 
• Identifying and addressing potential health issues
• Increase in morale and confidence 
• Decrease in presentism 
• Increase in performance

Let us customise this service to suit your business needs and budgets!

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