Corporate Wellness - Mark Eustice

Mark Eustice

Whether you are looking for stories of warning, hope, or success through adversity, Mark’s presentation has it all.

After playing 137 games with three different AFL clubs and regularly receiving the adulation of thousands and thousands of fans week in, week out, Mark had a problem that he needed to overcome. Internally he was breaking down to Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

He spent 11 years as an elite AFL footballer, only last week he celebrated being 11 years clean.

“Another milestone day for me. I have now been clean and sober for 11 years now. Through my work as a

keynote speaker on mental health and addiction, I will continue to tell my story in the hope it will help others struggling with mental health and addiction issues.11 years ago I was in desperate need of help. I can’t emphasise the value of seeking help.”

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