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Staff Flu Vaccination Services with BizHealth

As part of our health program, BizHealth provide onsite flu vaccinations to Melbourne employees, and employees around Australia.

In Australia, there is an average of 85 deaths and over 4,000 hospitalisations recorded due to influenza illness each year.

Flu Vaccinations for Australians – NCIRS Fact Sheet May 2011

At BizHealth, we provide flu vaccinations to employees as part of our health program.

Influenza (the flu) is an acute viral illness, costing Australian businesses millions of dollars every year in absenteeism and sick leave. Initially affecting around 20% of staff, influenza’s highly contagious nature means it spreads rapidly. It also takes an average of two weeks to recover from, creating extreme productivity losses in the workplace.

Calling a professional staff vaccination company like BizHealth can help you avoid this harm to your business.

Immunisation is the single most effective action of preventing the spread of the flu in your workplace, with scientific research showing the flu vaccination reduces the risk by 70-90% in healthy people. This translates to a 43% reduction in absenteeism or 74 fewer lost days per 100 employees.

Approximately 2,800 Australians die every year either directly from the seasonal flu or complications due to the flu.

Why your workplace should receive onsite flu vaccinations:

      • Reduce the chances of infection and cross-infection from co-workers
      • Reduce absenteeism
      • Avoid unnecessary productivity loss
      • Commit to the wellbeing of your individual workers
      • Create a healthy and supportive workplace

*Immunisation is encouraged every 12 months. As influenza viruses change frequently, the vaccination is updated every year to cover common circulating strains*

**Onsite staff flu vaccination services are available from 17th February 2014 – reduce the spread of the flu before the winter peak season**

BizHealth have an easy-to-use online booking system available with automatic email reminders.

We also offer health seminars, which involve educating attendees about the importance of flu immunisation.

To book onsite vaccinations in Melbourne or interstate with our company, contact us today!

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