BizHealth offers flexible, tailored programs for workplace weight loss management to Melbourne businesses, and businesses around Australia.
Duration of Program:

This service is six months in duration, and occurs in two phases:

Weeks 1 – 16:

This is the weight loss phase where, ideally, your weight, dietary and lifestyle goals can be achieved.

Weeks 17 – 26:

The maintenance phase – participant will need to recognise the changes they have previously made and demonstrate their ability to maintain some of these changes for longer term.

The details

Our confidential work and lifestyle-based workplace weight loss services aim to assist, motivate and educate employees in more appropriate food choices; and encourage the individual to take greater responsibility of their health and wellbeing. The program also incorporates the importance and benefits of exercise, measurements and testing of major chronic diseases, along with general healthy lifestyle changes.

While we are based in Melbourne, workplace weight loss services are able to be delivered to individuals around Australia. Participants have constant contact and support from highly qualified practitioners throughout their six-month program, and are able to choose a version of the program which is most suited to their needs, goals and lifestyle.

Health practitioners suggest a number of healthy habits such as visiting the dentist regularly, eating the right food, attending weight loss programs, and drinking adequate amounts of water.

Our service is respectful of all areas of the individual’s life, including work, family, time management, social life and health condition.

For more information on participating in BizHealth’s workplace weight loss management in Melbourne, or Australia-wide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mini- Weight Management Program:

2 x Health Assessments per person (Cholesterol, Body Fat/BMI)
10 x group exercise (2 per week)
Breakfast/lunch seminar
1 x pedometer per person
Pedometer challenge

*Weight management Programs and packages can also be adjusted or designed to include the specified requirements of the employees.


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